4 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Eyeglass Prescription

You’ve had them for years. They are practically an extension of you. And they are your glasses. If you wear them every day or for many activities, then you may not give them too much thought. Yet, have you ever wondered this: do I need to update my prescription? Here are four signs that suggest you need to change your eyeglass prescription sooner than later:

1. Frequent headaches

Sure, everyone gets headaches, but frequent headaches can be a sign that you need new glasses. As your vision changes, your brain reacts accordingly. This causes it to work harder and tire itself – resulting in that head pain.

2. Squinting

It’s natural to have to squint the odd time, but when you constantly are squinting to see things that, previously, you could see easily, then this is a sign that you need to update your prescription. Over time, constant squinting can strain your eyes, which can damage them. Updated glasses can relieve this strain.

3. Tired eyes

Do your eyes feel tired? Strained? While these symptoms can be signs of allergies or lack of sleep, when combined with headaches and squinting, it can also be a sign that you need new glasses. A new prescription will help your eyes work without any unnecessary effort, which can help stop your eyes from feeling tired. Your eye doctor can also recommend additional ways to minimize eye fatigue for better eye health.

4. Blurry vision

Blurry vision can be a strong indicator that your vision has changed far more than you realize. It can also demonstrate that you have more serious issues with your eyes. An eye appointment can help rule out conditions such as cataracts.

No one has the same vision prescription for their whole life. But it can be easy to forget to get an updated one. If you notice any of the symptoms above, this is your body’s way of telling you that you need new glasses. Be sure to make an appointment with Dr. Krishna Khatri, not just to lessen the strain on your eyes, but to make sure your eyes stay healthy as long as possible.