Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Lasalle Vision we take pride in customizing eye exams to address our patients’ individual vision needs. A Comprehensive eye exam begins with Pre-Testing, where our friendly staff will use advanced diagnostics to provide our Optometrists with objective data. Below is an explanation of some of the test you may come across during a comprehensive eye exam:

1) Auto-refraction

This machine provides an estimate of your prescription and checks the curvature of your eye. Our Optometrists will then use this measurement to further refine your prescription to provide you with the sharpest vision possible.

2) iCare Tonometer

Do you fear getting your eyes checked because you hate the “puff of air”. At LaSalle vision our utmost priority is patient satisfaction. This is why we have resorted to the use of icare Tonometer which is much more comfortable and requires no drops or puff of air to accurately check your eye pressure.

3) Digital Retinal Imaging

Our fully automated machine takes an image of the back of your eye (retina) without dilation or any pain. This test aids in the diagnosis of systemic and ocular diseases such as Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and sometimes even brain tumors.
digitalr retinal imaging

4) Visual Field Analyzer

This machines aids in analyzing your peripheral vision. This test helps diagnose glaucoma and analyze headaches. This test is also sometimes required for Driver’s License Renewal.
Visual Field Analyzer

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