Children’s Eye Exams

Dr. Khatri has acquired advanced clinical training in Pediatric Optometry and Vision Therapy. Having two small kids of her own, Dr. Khatri is aware of the tricks required to perform an eye exam on children by keeping things fun and entertaining without compromising on results. Our warm and welcoming staff will make sure that your little ones have the best possible experience at their eye exam appointment. Annual eye exams are essential to your children’s eye health, therefore OHIP covers eye exams for all kids that are 19 years and under. 1 in 4 children have an undiagnosed vision issue. We at LaSalle Vision encourage parents to be proactive in protecting your Child’s eye health.

During a pediatric eye exam we will take your child’s complete health history from birth to present. We will inquire about developmental milestones and performance in school. We will then perform tests that not only check your child’s vision, but also assess their eye teaming skills, eye tracking and focusing abilities. A deficit in any of theses skills can potentially interfere with your child’s vision and eventually their school performance and development. If and when a deficit is found we will arrange for you to come back for a binocular vision assessment. This exam comprises of series of tests that go above and beyond that of a routine eye exam. These tests require advance training and special equipment to perform. These tests aid in diagnosis of vision disorders that are beyond just nearsightedness and farsightedness. The following are some of the vision disorders that can be uncovered by performing these advanced tests:

  1. Accommodative Insufficiency
  2. Convergence Insufficiency
  3. Strabismus
  4. Amblyopia (lazy eye)

Dr. Khatri will provide you and your child with a treatment plan that is tailored for your child’s vision needs. Call us today to book a pediatric eye exam!

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