Digital Lenses

Single Vision Lenses

We at LaSalle Vision believe in keeping up with the newest technological advancements in eyeglass lenses. We offer a private label lens which is made by Carl Zeiss Vision who is a pioneer in lens technology. By offering a private label lens Dr. Khatri feels that she is able to offer her patients the newest in technology without the steep prices.

Our single vision digital lenses are freeform lenses which can be customized based on the fitting height, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and the wrap of the frame. These measurements help minimize peripheral distortions and provide you the best optics possible especially when your prescription is on the higher end. We offer these lenses in various different material so as to make them as thin as possible for you without compromising the optics. Come and visit us for a free evaluation and a quote today!

Progressive Digital Lenses

Just like our single vision lenses, our Progressive lenses incorporate digital freeform technology without the steep prices. These lenses can also be fully customized based on the way the frame fits your face. These advance measurements allow us to provide you larger fields of view and minimize peripheral blur. We have three freeform lenses available for you depending on your vision needs and budget. Allow us to provide you with a no obligation evaluation and a quote. Call us today!

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