Why ‘Back to School’ Is the Perfect Time to Schedule Your Child’s Eye Exam

It’s back to school! And you know what that means? Reading, writing, and eye exams. OK, so the saying doesn’t usually end that way. However, an eye exam is important for your child, and going back to school is the perfect time to do just that. Why? Here are a few reasons to motivate you to schedule that exam:

1. It gets your child ready for the school year

Your child needs healthy eyes to review their lessons, read the black board, and complete their homework. So once the fun of summer is over, you can start the transition by scheduling an eye exam.

2. It’s a great reminder

Yes, scheduling an eye exam is important, but it can be difficult to remember to do. So let the time of year be your guide. New school clothes, new back pack…and an eye exam. It all goes hand-in-hand!

3. Helps with confidence

Some kids can get nervous at the beginning of the school year. So think how worse it is when there are vision issues. Schedule that eye exam at back-to-school time to help your child adjust to the new year as easily as possible.

4. Transition from screen time

Summer should be fun, and sometimes that fun can mean screen time. And lots of it. So when back-to-school means reading books instead, your child’s eye exam can signal the change from fun apps to fun hard copy books.

5. Part of back-to-school shopping

If your child already wears glasses or is prescribed some for the first time, you can just add this to your back-to-school shopping list! Make it part of the routine and fun of the transition, and it will help remind you to schedule that eye exam every year.

With shopping, lists, and appointments, it can be difficult to remember to schedule an eye exam for your child. But if you add it to a natural time of the year – returning to school – you can assure that your child’s eye health is ready for anything that the teacher sends their way.